Lent 2024

Commit to two tasks for every day this Lent - say a prayer and pledge a small sum of money. Just pray & pledge! It makes a world of difference.

Each day of Lent say a prayer - your own or those suggested in the guide which you can download below this article - and pledge a small sum to donate to the Mission. It may be the cost of something you give up that day - a chocolate bar, a coffee or your Friday night take-away. It may be a few pence you have spare.

After Easter, grab your calculator and tot up your pledges. Send BCM your total donation at our Lent 2024 giving page or call 0121 766 6603 (ext 7) to ask for BCM’s bank details and make a transfer. Or send in a cheque payable to ‘Birmingham City Mission’ to The Clock Tower, 2 Langdon Street, Birmingham B9 4BP.

Thank you. Your donation will help to bring hope and support to many in our city.