Easter Week with BCM

Every year at Easter, a special time in church life, we seek to encourage a local church in their outreach. This year our City Missionaries teamed up with Crossway Church for a wet and blustery week in Northfield.

Crossway Church's pastor, Peter Skerratt, reported:

'It was a joy to work with BCM and a real encouragement that they had heard what we were doing and wanted to support us during Holy Week. With their help we were able to make contact with many more in our community through door-to-door visiting on the estate and personal work on the High Street. We decided to make it a whole 'Week of Witness'. Home visits were well received, many significant conversations were had, and we had three new people join us with their children on Easter Sunday as a result. One lady has been back each Sunday since!

Added to this, our church members were encouraged in their own witness. One said, "What I found most exciting was speaking to different people and being able to share the gospel with them. Some people were complete strangers to the gospel." We're grateful for our partnership with the Mission.'

City Missionary, Francis Williamson, was working on his patch in Kings Norton with Operation Mobilisation that same week (pictured above). He said:

'We had an excellent week working with a group from Hong Kong who were keen to serve. Much of the time we spent in Cotteridge sharing the Easter events and explaining their meaning to all who would stop and listen, and we were glad that many did. I was encouraged by one boy who came over to speak following an assembly at his school the previous week. At our Food Evening on Good Friday a number of Hong Kongers who live local to the church and who had been visited during the week came along. One couple have continued to come to church Sunday by Sunday.'

Please pray for all those who heard the good news of Jesus' death and resurrection over Easter, some for the first time, that they would 'ponder these things in their hearts'.