Resource Centre

Providing life's essentials to people who cannot afford them

Food, furniture and clothing

The BCM Resource Centre distributes essentials - food, toiletries, clothing, furniture and white goods - to people struggling to make ends meet. Clients may be living in a hostel or moving into new accommodation, a parent struggling to feed a family or homeless and needing a change of clothes or food. Our team of staff and volunteers partner with Social Services and 30+ other agencies which refer clients to us.

The Resource Centre relies on generous donations of food, furniture and clothing, without which it would be unable to provide for the people who come in for help.

Food bank

The food bank distributes over 200 food parcels each month, more than 2,500 each year. Many people who come are simply unable to afford to buy food and toiletries as well as pay their bills.

Furniture and clothing

The Resource Centre sells furniture and white goods to people according to what they can afford. It provides 'furniture packs' of items, essential for a basic standard of living, to people moving into their own accommodation - around three of these are requested each day.

Each year over 1,000 changes of clothes are given free of charge and many more items of clothing sold at a low cost.


The Resource Centre needs donations of non-perishable food, toiletries, furniture, white goods, linen and clothing to provide for those who come for help.

If you are able to donate food, or have any good quality items of furniture and clothing that you no longer require, please get in touch. Our vans will come to you to pick up large collections and items.

Opening hours

Closed Mondays, Fridays and weekends
Open Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 4pm

Birmingham City Mission Resource Centre
The Clock Tower, 2 Langdon Street,
Birmingham B9 4BP

Get in touch

Please email us at
or call on 0121 766 6603 (ext 1)