New Care Centre Helpers

In the past month the Care Centre has developed a team of Helpers. These are guests who have been coming along for a while but want to volunteer to help run things at the centre which, after all, exists for them!

Anthony is one of the new Care Centre Helpers. He said:

“I come here because you’re all nice people and I enjoy the company too. I've been coming for four months and want to be a Helper because I enjoy helping. It's given me a routine and is building my confidence. I help set up the tables and with photocopying the pictures for colouring.'

Chrissie has been coming to the Care Centre for about 6 months and has now become a Helper. She said:

'I am a caring person, and I like helping people.  I put the cutlery on the tables, clean the tables at the end of the day, and serve the drinks. Being a helper is a step towards what I would like to do. I like helping the homeless, and one day I would like to be a drugs and alcohol worker.'

Anthony and Chrissie are 2 of a team of 7 Care Centre Helpers. Please pray for them as they give their time, skills and energy to help make the centre a very special place.