Summer's GSUS Live

BCM'S Youth Team visited 4 secondary schools with GSUS Live at the end of the summer term.

For the first time the GSUS Live resource used was the new-look pop-up, classroom-based version. Staff and volunteers met 650 students in total during the tour. Students explored one of the themes of Rejection, Fear or Forgiveness through the lens of a fictional character and considered Jesus’ teachings. They saw how Jesus himself experienced these problems during his life and they heard what Jesus’ death and resurrection mean to Christians.

It was clear that so many students face numerous anxieties on different levels, that they struggle with fitting in and are desperate to be accepted and included by peers. Many acknowledged the importance of forgiveness in terms of ‘letting go’ and ‘being free’ from pent up bitterness that only harms yourself. Please pray for the mental, social and spiritual health of our city's young people.