Training with the Mission

Meet Helena Hommes and Ben Carpenter, BCM's In-Service Trainees and a great blessing to the Mission as they pitch into projects from the Bible Exhibition to preaching in the city centre.


Before I studied to become a drama therapist. After quitting, God called me to BCM via a City Missionary messaging his friend, who is my church mate back home in the Netherlands. It changed my life. Last summer I chose to come over for a mission. I decided I would stay for as long as God and BCM wanted me here. So I went home, got a visa, and returned.

It has been quite something already. The work and lectures build me up greatly. I have finally come to truly, personally, comprehend that God’s love for me is unending! Also, I wasn’t at all street-wise; So, remaining 'innocent like a dove',  I’m learning to become 'wise like a serpent'.

I am praying about what comes after the training. If possible I might stay on longer at the Mission, or go and study practical theology. I do know that I must continue the missionary work. I love it. It glorifies God, and people must know!


I came to BCM as an intern after I finished theological college because I wanted to seek experience in evangelism and in helping the disadvantaged. Months later, God has left a big impact on my life. As my pastor said to me before I started, “God is going stretch you”, and he has. I was a shy person at first who did not like speaking outside my comfort zone. However, over the course of the programme, I have been able not only to hand out tracts to people, but also to have full conversations with them, as well as preach in the open air. This has been helped by the lectures, especially on the cults. If I had not done the programme, I certainly would not have been able to do things like this.

The next step is still up in the air at the moment, but the programme has encouraged me to continue in Christian mission and ministry. Where I go next, like me in this programme, is in God’s hands, and I will trust him with it.

Please pray for Helena and Ben as they serve God in Birmingham and look to follow his plans for them in the future.

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